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On this page you'll find an abundance of useful advice on garage door systems, how they work and what you can do to keep yours in good condition.

These particularly annoying sounds are usually produced when the roller wheels have become worn. In this case, repair is not usually an option. The worn rollers should simply be replaced as soon as possible for the door to start working smoothly and quietly again. You may wish to consider nylon rollers instead of the all-steel ones - they tend to be much quieter.
External lighting around your garage door can promote extra security, safe use, and of course help to contribute to the overall aesthetic of your property. Down-lighting is when you point the light directly along the surface of an area, usually towards the ground, creating a subtle lighting effect. The extra light can help to deter potential intruders at night-time.
This is an important safety measure if you're planning basic maintenance activities like lubrication or repainting. If you want to run some tests with the use of the opener after this, you'll need to re-connect it to the power source once the door is ready for operation.
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